twitter ain’t suppose to be serious but these idiots won’t listen.

1.@Puremind__ this motherfucker is a beast and a shameless animal in a human’s skin. You told us miss earning is dis n dat but u put up with her for 5months. U said she doesn’t worth to be ur main chick ofcourse no girl will want to be a main chick to a guy who can’t pay his bills. U also said she doesn’t know where u stay but u stay at d back of county hospital n dats where her office is. Mr Ayo pls get a life and stop being a cheap liar. We re not fools honestly ur moda made the biggest mistake of her life by giving birth to u. Omashey o  and people congratulated ur moda wen u were born. *spits* you even went on #tweetrradio to gbagaun with ur village boy accent.LMAO our twitter celeb.

2. @soosliimd__ LOOOOOL niggar is it true dat u dnt hv a life outside twitter? Dat u wandering about still struggling to get a life? Infact dat ur family rejected u cus u were once an armed robber?

3.Aramide__this hoe can famz anything on her TL and she be begging for airtime as if her life depend on it. I heard ur gist abt how tweeps come to ur school in Abeokuta to fuck u silly. Pls get a padlock 4 ur pussy to stop every jack and harry from entering.

4.@biola_O this idiot dnt hv anoda life apart from creating useless list to make his blog popular I pray a truck run over you very soon. Bastard.

5. @Nicoleisbae we all saw how she was curved in black and white well dis hoe now dat a fat pig now. We can remove 3 olalee 4rm dat niggar. She’s also fucking @_fbs94 dat will soon do introduction with his fiancee.

6. @ValerieAyo bitch can fuck anything called dick always disturbing twitter celebs to fuck her. Guys slide in her DM and get ur share of her pussy. And do u know wats spreading faster dan Ebola? Her legs. Ur runs business  on Twitter is really growing. Congrats dear

7.@Elegant_Chick tbh I dnt knw wats elegant abt dis goblin. Portacourt olosho always in people’s business as if its her career. The struggle to get a man is so real. I heard ur pussy smells like spoilt beans. True or false?

8.@miss_earning bitch I dnt knw u can stoop so low to hv anytin to do wit dat useless puremind  with ur level of exposure. Hian that day I met u at ICM and I heard u speak I was overwhelmed cus its been long I had a chat with a lady with ur level of experience and intelligence. U showed me different type of you from twitter. But u re stupid and foolish 4 bringing ur personal life on Twitter.

That’s all for now thanks for reading.

Yours truly. #observanttwittter.